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Founded in 1988 in Henry County, near Martinsville, Va; Container Warehouse, Inc. is a leading provider of warehouse distribution services and logistics in the Southside Virginia and North Central North Carolina area. We have continuously provided our diverse, nationally based customers in the manufacturing, agricultural, food service, and sales industries with a variety of services. We are proudly owner-operated and invite you to contact us to discuss available warehouse space and storage opportunities.


Totaling 800,000 square feet, our six modern warehouses were constructed circa 1990s on our 200 plus acre site. Our dry, clean, and well-maintained facilities are enclosed by perimeter fencing, monitored by alarm systems, and feature dry sprinklered systems throughout. With interior ceiling heights varying between 24’-38’ height, dock high loading doors with levelers and seals, and ground level doors, our warehouses offer clients optimum storage flexibility.


Our owners work closely with customers to ensure their varying service needs are met, whether those needs entail long-term warehouse rental, flexible short-term storage, just-in-time logistics management, pick and pack shipping, and/or repackaging services. We further exclusively provide select clients with short-haul trucking services in the Virginia/North Carolina area. Our experienced staff provides reliable, professional, and expedient turnaround to meet customers’ logistics needs on a daily basis.