Container Warehouse, Inc | Martinsville VA

Available Warehouse Storage near Martinsville VA

Long Term Full Warehouse Rental

Select warehouses are available for full rental and operation. We currently have several long-term customers who have contracted with us to serve their storage and operational needs.

Flexible Warehouse Space

Due to our size, we are able to offer customers a variety of storage options tailored to their seasonal and changing needs. Our employees provide logistics management, operational, and storage services for these customers.

Repackaging Services

We provide repackaging services for storage customers whose freight arrives via national carrier with damage and/or defects.

Pick and Pack Shipping

Warehousing customers may contact us regarding pick and pack shipping availability for bulk storage.

Short Haul Trucking and Logistics

We exclusively provide our flexible warehouse space customers with short haul trucking services to promote their logistics needs including just-in-time delivery.

Recycling Services

We offer our storage customers recycling services for glass, select plastics, and select paper products.


  • Five 100,000 square foot warehouses

  • One 300,000 square foot warehouse

  • Dry system fire suppression

  • Alarm systems

  • Perimeter fencing

  • 10 Mbit/s DSL data available

  • Ceiling height variable from 24’-38’

  • High loading doors with levelers and seals


  • 53' Trailers

  • 7 Kenworth tractors

  • Inventory scanning system

  • Double and single pallet forklifts

Trailer Image Martinsville VA Warehouse Fire Suppression System Martinsville VA Distribution Service Equipment Martinsville VA